Workshop I

Title: IP and applications in mining and hydrogeology. Airborne IP and new trends on Airborne Potential methods for mining

Estimated duration: 3 hours
12 October 2021, starting 15:30
Pre-registration is requested
Attendance is free of charge for the delegates of the BGS2021 Congress

1st part:

Gianluca Fiandaca (Università Statale di Milano)

“IP phenomenon and ground applications for mining and hydrogeology”
“The talk will describe the induced polarization (IP) phenomenon and its effect on galvanic (ground) measurements, both in time domain and frequency domain, with examples of applications for mineral exploration and hydrology. Furthermore, the IP effects on electromagnetic measurements will be explained.”

2nd part:

Andrea Viezzoli (EMergo – NRG Europa)

AEM for mapping, AIP for exploration”


“This part will be focused on the most advanced achievements in Airborne EM data, both for mining and hydrogeology, with a specific detail on the handling of Airborne IP. A particular attention will be reserved to the growing European mining market”

3rd part:

Isla Fernandez (Geognosia – NRG Europa)

“Acquisition of Potential Fields data and AEM, a solution for Brownfield exploration”
“The combination of Potential methods (Mag and Grav) could be a solution to better map the geology in brownfield areas. Joining methodologies that are measuring different physical properties can be useful to understand the geological enviroment hosting the Target of Mineral Exploration. The most recent advancements in Airborne Gravity and Magnetic prospections will be shown.

Organizing team:

Antonio Menghini (EMergo)
Florina Tuluca (Romanian Society of Applied Geophysics & University of Bucharest)