Session Topic

Session Topic: 7.2

Satellite Based Technologies for Earth Surface Study and Monitoring


Dr. Adriana Maria Constantinescu – Marine Geologist, Coastal Research and Management, Institute for Marine Geology and Geo-Ecology – GeoEcoMar
Dr. Sorin Constantin – Earth Observation Researcher, TERRASIGNA

Short Description:

Satellite based technologies have been used more and more for the study and monitoring of the Earth’s surface and are currently supported by many international programs, projects and initiatives.
The processes and phenomena at the surface of the Earth are very dynamic and require a better understanding and constant monitoring on large spatial scales and fine temporal and spatial resolutions. The current satellite missions provide a plethora of information that can be used for ground monitoring, climate studies, water quality and quantity studies, vegetation monitoring, navigation and improving physical models.
We welcome original research from various subject areas such as oceanography, hydrology, aquaculture, geomorphology, geology, climate studies, forestry, agriculture, vegetation analysis, physical modelling, advances in technology and algorithms, multidisciplinary studies for natural system, and any subject where satellite-based technologies have been proven useful for studying and monitoring the processes and phenomena at the surface of the Earth.

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