Workshop IV

WORKSHOP IV: Training on the analysis of Earth Science data and data products using dedicated tools and platforms

Module 1 - Training on the use of EPOS Data Portal

When: 16 October 2021, time interval: 09:00 – 12:00
Pre-registration is requested.
Attendance is free of charge for the delegates of the BGS2021 Congress & students


Trainer: Jan Michalek, Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen Norway
Special guest from EPOS-ERIC : Prof. Dr. Kuvvet Atakan, Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen

Short Description:

EPOS is a pan-European infrastructure for sharing solid Earth Science data, observations, and research results. With its innovative IT platform, EPOS enables sharing and integration of data collected by the research infrastructures from 25 European countries. EPOS architecture is designed for sustainability and provides services to scientists, national authorities, and society.
The main goals of the EPOS workshop are to introduce the participants to the EPOS European Infrastructure and to engage them in a practical training session on the basic functionalities offered by the EPOS Data Portal. This workshop target participants are both students and researchers. It will also facilitate the maximum interaction between experts and participants and provides an opportunity for the latest to indicate their requirements in the context of their institutions.
In the first module, the participants will get a brief overview of about what EPOS is and what are its benefits to research and society followed by dedicated training on the use of EPOS Data Portal, focusing on its basic functionalities. The portal offers access to a broad collection of data, data products, and services from nine thematic solid Earth Science fields and it is constantly improving and addressing the needs of researchers.

Organizing Team:

Dragos Tataru (National Institute for Earth Physics)
Florina Tuluca (Romanian Society of Applied Geophysics & University of Bucharest)
Alexandru Tiganescu ((National Institute for Earth Physics)
Raluca Dinescu (National Institute for Earth Physics)